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    Chronic disease is defined as ongoing conditions that require scheduled medical attention and are generally incurable illnesses such as heart disease, asthma, cancer, and diabetes.

    1 %
    Adults in the US have a chronic disease

    Chronic Conditions Prevalence by State 2021*

    1 %
    Adults in the US have
    2 or more chronic diseases
    1 %
    Adults in the US have a chronic disease

    The leading causes of death and disability

    And leading drivers of nation's $3.5 trillion in annual health care costs

    1 %
    Adults in the US have
    2 or more chronic diseases









    What are the reasons?

    • Non-effective and invasive medical treatments make it difficult for patients to deal with chronic diseases.

    • High costs and research timelines create barriers for medical technological breakthroughs.

    • Inadequate preventative care causes 4 out of 10 people to develop chronic diseases

    what to do?

    Market Opportunity

    Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. In the United States, healthcare continues to expand rapidly. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that over 14.3 million people are employed in the medical sector. It is estimated there will be more than 14.3 million new healthcare-related jobs in the next eight years.

    49% to have chronic diseases by 2025

    Alternative medicine market 19.9% CAGR

    10.5% of the entire US population will have diabetes

    How it works

    the 99 device

    “99% Body Purify” or “99” for short is a treatment based on a modern, entire volume blood filter device  which works in a unique way. It literally traps lipids and proteins which are in excess in the venous blood supply by using the integrated diffusing membranes within the filter fibers and membranes.

    Utilizing Ozone (O3), different light waves and EMR the device can effectively eliminate any foreign substances in the blood within a short period of time.


    “99% Body Purify” (world franchise) is proud to announce its partnerships with healthcare providers all over the world.

    Mikhail J. Artamonov, MD


    Dr. Mikhail Artamonov is Board Certified in 6 major areas of Medicine: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pain Medicine, Addiction Medicine, Brain Medicine, Functional, Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine and Independent Medical Examination and holds a number of smaller board certifications.


    More About Our Team

    Over 25 years of his non-stop search around our planet for the best medical knowledge he became trained in different specialties including Neurology and Physiatry, Anesthesiology and Psychiatry, Internal and Integrative Medicine. He brought together unique technologies from all over world to achieve the best for his patients.

    Dr. Mikhail Artamonov, referred affectionately and syllable-saving as “Dr A” has a complex and woven background but is guided by one simple credo: the practice of Good Medicine. He believes that new medical technologies not only make medicine more effective but can actually make it more personal. 

    Founder & Developer of 99% Body Purify Technology
    CEO at Good Medicine Choice Store
    8 Board Certifications Across the Nation
    Medical Licensed to practice in: Arizona, Florida, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania


    Patient Benefits

    Also known as ozone dialysis, 99% BODY PURIFY is the newest treatment available in only a few clinics in the country today. It’s the most innovative approach for using ozone gas and purifying a patient’s blood similar to full battery recharge for the whole human body. 99% BODY PURIFY or 99 for short is an absolute breakthrough in the field of biotechnologies that is exploding in popularity all over the world within the functional and regenerative medicine community.

    Effectively Fights Virus

    It is designed to gently and naturally remove all pathogens including bacteria, virus, fungi as well as filtering out many pathological substances of all kinds from the body.

    Adresses Chronic Inflammation

    It also addresses the root of nearly all diseases in human body – chronic inflammation, thus, creating a positive impacts on the quality of life and performance of many patients.

    Removes Environmental Toxins

    Environmental toxins are the root of almost every skin issue. Once they are removed from the blood flow your body can reset.

    Supports Natural Balance

    We use it as an adjunct to treatment for cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia and general well-being.

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      What Our Partners Say

      We believe that many environmental toxins are at the root of almost every skin issue, and when they’re removed entirely from your routine—that is, when you take a 99% Body Purify — body can reset and return to its healthiest, most balanced state.
      MJA Healthcare
      Pennsylvania, USA

      insurance providers

      99% Body Purify is working with a huge variety of carriers to offer products like individual and family health insurance, short-term coverage, small business plans, and many more.